📜Ancient Kingdom Story

A Legendary story:

Various creatures once lived in the mysterious ancient ruins. Humans are extremely weak on this land, in order to survive on this dangerous continent, humans are forced to form many different organizations to work together to fight them and learn to survive on their own.

However, not long after that, a mysterious race suddenly appeared. It completely changed the distribution of power on this continent, they quickly learned various abilities, very quickly acquired extraordinary abilities, and quickly occupied the top position of this continent. This race has taught humans to use fire and other abilities to survive. Humanity is developing rapidly and living in an environment full of terror and threats for a long time. Start having bold ideas, and start trying to build a new civilization and create a new world that belongs to them.

With the help of mysterious races, humanity began the process of expanding its territory and establishing its enduring civilization. They eventually created a giant dynasty. According to legend, this dynasty had a civilization and abilities beyond our imagination at the time, but in a big bang that followed, the civilization was gone forever. No one knows the details of this great explosion, and there is no trace to look for related information, and the mysterious race that helped humans disappear with the explosion. The remaining survivors and their descendants set out to rebuild civilized society, even hoping to build a civilized society completely equivalent to the previous one, but this long process is arduous, because almost no one can remember that era. The lack of resources and lack of knowledge seriously affected the reconstruction of this civilization.

From the sky, mankind began a long period of development, during which several large cities gradually formed. Although the legends of that era and the mysterious races seem fanciful and sublime, man has never given up his reverence for the past.

Just when the situation of the Three Kingdoms was relatively stable, something unimaginable happened. This is how the Zhongshan tribe and the half-beast race developed.

Unlike the Half Beasts in other small societies, the Trung Son tribe created a sizable community and very quickly developed their unique skills to use any form of assistive tool. They have very high intelligence and have formed a clear and orderly social hierarchy. Half Beasts are inferior to the Trung Son in all aspects, including skills, intelligence and social organization, but they have created an extraordinary energy. They were also isolated by natural boundaries, until humans actively used technology to break the boundaries, and a large-scale conflict finally broke out. Because people simply judge semi-animals based on past memories and experiences, they think that this race is just a lower animal. In this systematic and largescale attack, humanity suffered a catastrophic and mourning defeat.

After being defeated for the first time, humanity has been repeatedly defeated on various battlefields. Thus, the kings of many countries stopped infighting and united to deal with the half-beasts. In the end, they successfully expelled the Zhongshan tribe and the half-beasts, regaining their lost land. However, in the face of a great loss of power, humans have lost many lives and properties before the army can be rebuilt in the future to withstand the invasion of the new Half-Beast Humans. At the same time, the half-beasts are deliberately planning aggression to survive in order to expand their territory.

Every year, humanity suffers thousands of attacks from the Zhongshan tribe, half of the Beast people, and suffers great losses. However, when there is no civil war, it does not pay attention to defense and maintains all its accumulated resources and energy.

However, the first time humans noticed the accumulation of this type of resource happened during the war with the Half Beasts. In contrast to the Zhongshan tribe, the Half Beasts lived east of the ancient ruins, where they were so powerful that they frequently crossed the border to slaughter many innocent people. In this time, the three countries must unite and fight a decisive battle with the Half Beasts, in the decisive battle, the Half-Beast Humans once again lose the battle.

A story of main characters:

The three heroes of the game are Tianzun, Jihad, and Fashen. Tianzun is the title of the highest Taoist in the ancient kingdom, Fashen is the title of the highest magician, and Jihad is the title of the highest martial arts, all of which correspond to the game's three professions: Taoist priest, magician, and warrior.

When the Ancient Kingdom was initially established, the conflict between gods and demons was still ongoing. The gods chose three human beings with varying abilities to teach them Taoism, magic, and martial arts, respectively, while the demon king incorporated all monster tribes.

The demon king ordered Zhongsan's leader on an expedition during the first human-demon war, and the half-beast army led the way. Warrior, general, and demonic flame were among the forces he brought with him to cause chaos in the human world. A steady stream of fire was hurled toward the fleeing humankind. Three heroes appeared at this critical moment. Commander Zhongsan was repulsed by the strength of three, but one of the three heroes was hurt in the battle.

In the second war, the demon king sent the leader of Zuma, and the half-beast army also served as the frontier to capture human territory. However, the demons lost this war.

Not wishing to repeat his failure, the Red Moon Demon King determined to initiate the third human-demon war on his own. This time, the conflict between humans and demons ended terribly. When all of the demons attacked humanity at the same moment, it was a crushing blow to all.

The kingdom was completely decimated throughout this war, and the humans were exceedingly fatigued trying to halt the demons' wave of attacks. The three heroes chose to take a chance, assaulting the Demon Race's lair and assassinating the demon king to reverse the tide of war. The supreme god (being the creator god, he is incapable of attacking) sent an unnamed warrior (the ancestor of the tiger guard) to help the three heroes. While they unexpectedly overpowered the demon king's stronghold, they misjudged the demon king's abilities to defeat Jihad and Fashen. After suffering terrible injuries, Tianzun and the accompanying warrior were rescued by the god.

Despite the fact that Jihad and Fashen made self-sacrifices, the Demon King was spared. He had major injuries, and his physical condition was broken. All of the demon army's fellows sustained severe damage. All demons were brought to their space and sealed with the assistance of the gods. Finally, the gods created dragons to guard the ancient temples' seals. Tianzun recovered and established his tribe, the White Sun Gate, to impart his Wisdom and unique abilities to mankind. Following the restoration, humanity founded a new capital, and the Ancient Kingdom flourished once more. However, cryptic prophecies indicate that humanity will face the fourth fight between gods and demons in the not-too-distant future. The Demon King's strength has been gradually restored. The devil is poised to strike again, and the descendants of the three heroes must oppose all of this.

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