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Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) Token: $DOM Token is the crucial token of GameFi, which can be exchanged. Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) Iin (Market) Buy and sell pets & items to increase the earnings from the GameFi. Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) Dapp Where gamers can play with others and get rewards. PvP, PvE Join in PvP, PvP (Party) for achieving stone chest, token, amulet booster. Game Flow:

To begin the game, users must create an account on the game's webpage. Each IP address is only allowed to register one account (any fraud case will be permanently banned IP).

Players are required to connect to DApp Wallet and purchase DOM. Profiting from the Ancient Kingdom will be possible in three ways. There will be three different maps for the player to choose from:

World Map: low drop rate of rare and valuable NTF goods for all participants. Dom tokens will be exchanged into ingots at a 1:1 ratio, and bullion will be used to purchase necessary assets in-game. Then, strengthen to boost your own combat power, and utilize ingot to buy support equipment to boost the killing effect. Join the world map and destroy enemies, mini bosses, and bosses to acquire items. A "Game card" is extremely unlikely to be dropped. Game cards can be swapped for Gold to level up your character further, or they can be sold on the market to gain $DOM tokens.

NFT Map: Using Dom tokens, players will purchase an NFTs Character from the Marketplace and then enter a specialized map for the individual map. The drop rate of rare goods and NFTs on this specific map will be higher for all players than on the world map.

VIP Map: The VIP map has the highest drop rate of rare items when compared to the other two maps. The correct VIP map will be entered with each VIP level. The higher your VIP level, the greater your profit. There are 12 VIP levels in all. When a player reaches the VIP level, they will be gifted a rare NFT weapon. They can use this extraordinary NFT weapon to level up and execute monsters in order to earn money. The assured benefit of VIP 1 is that if the player can devote 6 hours each day, the payback will be completed within 20-30 days. When the player is armed with a large number of rare NFTs equipment, the payback time will be reduced. The VIPs will be assigned to various maps in the game. (1) Role level:

  1. Quick upgrade Every legendary player's ultimate goal is a rapid upgrade. SO how to do that? The following tutorial provides upgrading guides, including upgrade skills, in the hopes that it may be useful. Follow the main task from Level 1-20: Novice Village. Beginners should have no trouble reaching level 10; Levels 20-45: As the game progresses, the difficulty of the levels increases. Complete the main mission to level 45; At level 30, players can activate the jade pendant function, which raises the character's blood volume. At level 40, activate the shield function to boost your character's physical and magical defenses. From 45 to 50: Level 45 unlocks demon missions, which are divided into stars to help players level up. The greater the number of stars, the greater the rewards. To maximum revenue, take the highest-star missions and receive them three times after completion. Guard function (50-level) is accessible, which can summon guards to aid in fight and enhance efficiency. From level 50 to 75, players must accomplish the primary task while also completing the demon task. The 60-level expands wings function strengthens the character's attack power, physical defence, and magical defensive performance significantly. The level 65 dragon heart equipment is now available to enhance the character's physical attack, magic attack, and Taoism attack. The 70-level Spike equipment is unlocked, dramatically increasing the character's crit and crit chances and improving monster killing and pk efficiency. Level 73 BOOS challenge is included. Challenge BOOS to get precious equipment;

From Level 75 to 90: The 75-level roast pig hole is now available, and players can battle it three times per day to receive a huge amount of experience. Level 75 unlocks the official position function, which allows the prestige gained from the slayer quest to be upgraded to an official position and used to improve character attacks. Worship to the City Lord Activity: Open daily from 11:30-12:30 and 17:30-1830, which can increase experience; Nationwide darts activity: open every day from 16:00-16:30 for practice; Activities at the Elite Pavilion: open daily from 17:00 to 17:30, gaining experience points; Recycling equipment: Monster-dropped items can be recycled by recycling NPCs in the main city to gain experience. Breaking through the sky mining, copying, and treasure hunting are all activities that will provide players with an upgrade experience. The 90 level triggers the rebirth function, which can significantly boost attack, defense, and life; After level 90, gamers can completely experience the game, and the level difference will be minimal. The equipment system, wing system, official position system, and other systems allow players to thoroughly increase their character's fighting effectiveness. Best of luck!

ACDOM TRACKING TOOLS: ACDOM TRACKING TOOL is a powerful tool for supporting players to train their skills, hit monsters, and stay on top of their earnings generated in-game tasks. ATT helps players build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics in their strategies, profits routine. It even could be set the automatical fight feature in certain battles.

Acdom players deserve analytic, combat assistance for their long-term strategies. So our core ATT will be free forever. Deep dive into any part of your game Acdom Tracking Analytics tool will enable both specific game optimization, but also a game assets overview to gain clarity across all your games. So you can quickly discover insights, trust our tools will be there when you need them, and focus on making your games the best they can be.

The tool also triggers events in your game code related to Acdom activities, level progression, errors, or uses our custom events for specific cases unique to your game. Monitor real-time data or check your metrics for yesterday, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days. You can even compare all those KPIs to a different time to improve your plans.

Participants have to deposit some money before taking part in a siege war, a guild, a fighting game, or a faction league. The winning side will get the winning prize. And the Acdom will collect the fee based on the winning reward.

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