Event costume
Game props
Gem setting:
  • Summer Cool:
  • Western Cowboy
  • Admiral
  • Legend of the werewolf
  • The Matrix
  • Villain Angel
  • Condor Heroes
  • Swords of love
  • The crown prince of the dynasty
  • Golden Holy War
In-game props can be divided into two categories
  1. 1.
(1) Restore Blood ( HP ) volume after use:
(2) Temporary increase in attack
(3) Fight monsters after use to get double experience items
(4) Equipment strengthening stone
(5) Various ores obtained by mining
(6) Increase weapon lucky value
(7) Weapon sybthetic materials
2. Equipments:
There are ten main equipments in the game. First look at the added attributes of these equipments:
There are different levels of equipment. Characters can wear corresponding equipment when they reach a certain level. The higher the level, the stronger the equipment attribute, and of course the equipment explosion rate will be lower, so a powerful equipment can let you spawn monsters and PK more efficiently;
Equipment classification and wear level: Star King suit (level 70)-Backfire suit (level 80)- Thunder Dragon suit (level 90)-Taurus suit (1 turn)-Tiger Wei suit (2 turn)-Tianlong suit (4 Revolving)-Must-kill set (6 revolving)-Legendary package (8 revolving)-Haoyue package (10 revolving)-Blood set (12 revolving)
There are two basic ways of equipment training, one is equipment enhancement, the other is equipment inlaid with gems;
Equipment enhancement:
Only spare equipment can be strengthened, that is to say, the equipment worn on the body must be taken off before it can be strengthened; equipment strengthening needs to consume different ores, strengthen 1-5 using black iron ore, 6-10 bronze ore, 11- 15 silver mine, 16-20 purple gold mine, ore can be obtained through daily mining tasks; strengthening equipment can improve equipment attributes, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing strength. Regarding the equipment enhancement in the early stage, it is recommended that players properly strengthen it, because the equipment obtained in the early stage is relatively low-level, and when the high-level equipment is reached, the high-level equipment must be used, so that the previous equipment enhancement will be useless. wasted. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary waste, everyone must pay attention when strengthening the equipment at the beginning, not to strengthen the equipment too high; at that time, unnecessary waste will be caused.
Each piece of equipment can be inlaid with 6 gems of different attributes; thereby achieving the effect of enhancing strength; high-level gems can be obtained through low-level synthesis. Gem classification: attack gems—physical defense gems—magic defense gems—life gems—magic gems—magic gems;
Gems can be obtained through daily activities of the Guardian Goddess. The total level of gems is 15. The higher the level, the more attributes and the stronger the role.
(1) Weapons:
(2) Helmets:
(3) Necklaces:
(4) Bracelets:
(5) Rings:
(6) Belts:
(7) Armor/Robe:
(8) Boots:
(9) Jade: