Game Development Roadmap

  1. 1.
    Asset sale phase
  • Q3/2021: Journey begins
- Build game
- Research game and NFTs
  • Q4/2021: Develop game test version
- Launching website, deck,
- Building community
- Call for first round of strategy
- Seed round and Private Sale
- Launching NFTs Sale.
- Release Acdom Marketplace
- Release Acdom V1 on Browser
- Launching features: Ranking function
- Launching PVP/PVE.
  • Q1/2022: CEXs/DEX listing
- Run marketing programOpen NFT market
- Release Farming
- Release Official Game version
- App version Android and Testflight
  • Q2/2022: Expand partnerships, run marketing programs
- Upgrade the game (characters, equipment, features,...)
- Release the Official Game version
- App version Android and Testflight
  • Q3/2022: Mobile Game
- Available on both Android and iOS operating systems
- Ranking tournament with many prizes
- Stake DOM and GOLD to earn other tokens (DOM, BNB, USDT,...)
- Implement buyback and burn
- Partner with influencers
  • Q4/2022: Strategic cooperation and product development
- Major exchange listing
- Fighting Upgrade (PvE)
- Reduce gas fees and integrate new functions
- Upgrade API
- Update more maps for Mobile Game (PvP)
- Siege War/ Sect Battle.
2. Asset use case
  • In-game Professional Careers
  • Asset Brokerage
  • Node Staking
  • Alternate Gaming Clients
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