The game is divided into 3 occupations, each with 7 skills. The three role skills are distinct; the basic skills are learned automatically through role upgrades, while the advanced skills of the anger series are obtained through treasure hunts. Before you can learn the anger series skills, you must first level up your original skills to level 10.

  1. Introduction to combat warrior skills.

  • Normal Attack:

  • Basic Swordsmanship, depending on the level of practice will improve attack power.

  • Piercing Swordsmanship, ignoring defense and magic shield

  • Moon Palace Revenge, deals damage to surrounding units

  • God of War Collision, use your shoulder to hit players whose level is lower than you within a certain distance

  • Flame Swordsmanship, assigning flame spirits on top of weapons, dealing massive damage to a single target:

  • Momentum Swordsmanship, put the flame soul on top of the weapon, dealing massive damage to 4 targets in a straight line.

2. [Group Magic, Extremely Effective]

Relying on long-term passive strength training, magicians can use powerful offensive spells.

  • Fireball, launch fireball to target:

  • Resist The Ring of Fire, condensing your own powerful magic power and knocking back all enemies whose level is lower than your own within a certain distance

  • Lightning Technique, condensing its own powerful magic power to summon a bolt of lightning, dealing a lot of damage to one target.

  • Firewall Magic, condensing own powerful magic to summon hellfire, dealing continuous damage to enemies stepped on

  • Hell Lightning, unleashes thunder with itself at the center

  • Magic Shield, a magic shield made of magic, can resist a lot of damage

  • Ice Roar, condenses his own powerful magic to summon an ice storm, dealing a lot of damage to enemies within 3 * 3

3. [Strongest Support]

Relying on mental strength, you can use healing techniques to help others. The ability to use poison is the strongest.

  • Fa of Spiritual Strength, depending on the level of cultivation, the attack power of the Dao family will be enhanced

  • Collective Corrosion, imparts mental power to the poison to spread, dealing continuous damage to enemy targets within a 3 * 3 range

  • Holy Spirit Charms, bring strong mental power to the top of fire charms to attack eminems

  • Group Seclusion, releasing spiritual power around the comrades, causing the friends to enter an invisible state, an invalid teleport state.

  • Ghost Armor, can improve allies' physical and magical defense within 3 * 3

  • Heal Group, increase HP regeneration rate of friendly units within 3 * 3

  • Summon Beasts, assist in battle, after defeating monsters, you can upgrade yourself

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