1. League heavy teleporter

Players can be sent to the corresponding map to fight monsters. Different maps have requirements for character level and reincarnation, and only those who meet the requirements can enter; the higher the map, the more precious the materials and equipment dropped, and the higher the explosion rate.

2. Guardian Goddess

Guardian Goddess activity, you can challenge 3 times a day, clearing customs can get gem rewards, gems are used to inlay the gems of equipment, increase equipment attributes, and enhance the character's combat effectiveness.

3. Equipment synthesis

Synthetic equipment npc

4. The Unknown Secret Hall

Drop the copy of the copy scroll, the copy volume can be the same as entering the Chuangtianguan activity.

5. Temple of Reincarnation

The advanced advanced dungeon is divided into 7 layers. It requires level and reincarnation conditions to enter. At the same time, the monster is very powerful and requires the character to have a strong attack or team up to kill. Rich in drops, you can drop precious materials and equipment.

6. Warehouse

Warehouse NPC, extra items or equipment can be stored here to ensure safety.

7. Recycling

Recycling equipment NPC, the excess equipment the player hits can be recovered through this character, recycling equipment can get a lot of experience points and jade pendant experience points, the more advanced equipment, the more experience points you get.

8. Mayan Temple

9. BOSS House

VIP players’ exclusive map, you can only enter if you become a VIP. There are many BOOS maps and a high burst rate. The entire series of equipment may fall.

10. Roasted Pig Hole

Level 75 open activities, you can enter 3 times a day, you can get a lot of experience, the main way to get daily experience, don't miss it.

11. Owner

Daily activities, you can complete 3 times a day, you can get gold coins, experience, and ore needed to strengthen equipment by completing tasks.

12. Duplicate Messenger

The dungeon messenger, the main way to obtain auxiliary equipment, can be completed daily to obtain auxiliary equipment promotion materials, players should not miss it.

13. Demon Slayer

Daily activities, character experience and prestige are the main ways to obtain the highest level by binding gold coins, and then take the task, maximize the income, reputation can be used to improve official status and increase the attack power of the task.

14. Statue of the Lord of the City

On the 4th day of the server opening, the imperial city battle event will be started. The gang as a unit, the victorious gang, the leader of the imperial city, the leader of the imperial city can get a lot of ingots and exclusive title rewards. The lord can be displayed in the lord statue to show the lord’s authority. Other senior officials of the gang will also be displayed on the Imperial City War page. Of course, the competition will be extremely fierce, testing the number of gangs, the strength of unity and cooperation, and the overall combat effectiveness of gang members.

The above is an introduction to the NPC function of the game. More gameplay methods will be opened later, and then we will exchange and learn together.

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