🌞Great accomplishments and promising plans ahead

This is a checklist rather than a typical roadmap.

Competitive positioning:

  1. Provides all-in-one experiences in game in terms of technological infrastructure, real-time geographical experiences in game, owning unique NFTs on blockchain systems and making transactions on the universal marketplace to maximize profit based on the smart earning model by the game.

  2. The leading core teams in Vietnam who are professional on making games, PR & marketing, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency’s ecosystem.

  3. Consistently and sustainably invest in NFT’s game to create gaming metaverse with long term strategy.

  4. Last but not least, Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) is created based on one of the most successful games in 2003 that took place in Vietnam and China. It was called Vo Lam Truyen Ky. This is one of the advantages for the team to save costs on PR and Marketing. People have already got used to and familiar with the visuality of this kind of martial game.

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