Every Ancient Kingdom item is an NFT recorded on the blockchain.

  1. NFTs release

Characters, Equipment, Components

Every Ancient Kingdom item is an NFT recorded on the blockchain. This means that the origin of each item can be back-tracked to its creation event and, as such, every item used in-game is “ unfakeable “. NFTs can be purchased within the Ancient Kingdom using GOLD or on secondary marketplaces using other supported currencies.

New NFT assets will be released periodically by the game developer with careful consideration surrounding the inflationary impact of the release. Analysis of current demands for assets by the new players, growth in user adoption, asset availability on NFT Marketplaces, and the natural deflation of assets resulting from high-risk zone engagements will be conducted before the release of a new tranche of assets. All efforts will be undertaken to reduce negative impacts to players and asset holders resulting from these future sales.

Particular emphasis will be placed on assets released in earlier versions with power bonuses or otherwise unique benefits bestowed upon them

2. NFT Marketplace

The Ancient Kingdom Marketplace connects all players in-game to buy and sell all asset types and post item listings for paid, in-game quests. The majority of assets traded on the Marketplace will be earned doing in-game quests, equipment, and NFT characters in-game.

This is also a place to list assets purchased from the Private Sale and concept sale. Other players will place bid offers or settle immediately for the price limit. Due to the permanent loss during normal economic activity, all assets are considered deflationary. This deflationary, asset-burning mechanic ensures that assets are unique and of finite supply unlike traditional online games

Ancient Kingdom will utilize NFTs for the following:

● Reflecting characters

● Recording specific items (like weapon hit-points, armor class, skill boots, special bonuses, etc)

● Recording items rarity (its value is based on the statistical probability of item airdrop or value components used to craft the item)

Ancient Kingdom items can be either airdropped (i.e. acquired via completing quests/ exploration missions/ map/boss/ P2P or P2E battle) or crafted (by combining necessary resources). Any Ancient Kingdom item can also be improved to increase its rarity.

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