🎲Instructions to connect wallet with the Dapp Ancient Kingdom

To connect your wallet to the Dapp Ancient Kingdom, you must first create a Metamask wallet and log in via a browser. Then you connect your Metamask wallet to the marketplace by doing the following:

Step 1: Access the Dapp Ancient Kingdom

Step 2: The system automatically connects to the Metamask wallet and displays a notification requesting that you select the Metamask wallet account with which you wish to link the DApp.

To make the request, select the wallet account you want to join and click "Next." A confirmation of the wallet connection will be sent to you by the system. To determine the operation, keep tapping "Connect."

Step 3: After connecting the wallet to the DApp Ancient Kingdom, the system will navigate to the home screen for wallets already connected to the Binance smart chain network. Metamask will send a message asking for additional networks if this network is not available. To add a network, click "Approve."

The system will redirect to the DApp homepage if the Metamask wallet is on the Binance Smart Chain network. Otherwise, the Metamask wallet will request a network transfer. To complete the transaction, click "Switch Network."

The DApp Ancient Kingdom home screen with the recorded wallet address is the intended goal for all of the above.

In the upper right corner of the DApp homepage interface, you can select your language. There are currently three languages to choose from: Vietnamese, English, and Chinese.

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