🔥Purchasing Guidelines for NFT

While opening the box is one method of searching for NFTs, this method can also be used when purchasing NFT from the store.

Step 1: Select "NFT Exchange" in the DApp Ancient Kingdom.

Step 2: The first time you purchase in the store, you must authorize the use of USDT to purchase items. To send the order to the Metamask wallet, click "Approve."

DApp will send you a notification confirming your action, click “Confirm” to proceed.

The metamask wallet will display the notification interface for authorization actions; click "Confirm" to continue.

The DApp will notify you if authorization is successful. To confirm this message, click "Confirm."

Step 3: After completing the authorization action successfully, you will be returned to the store interface. Here, choose the purchase function under NFT for which you wish to make a purchase.

Following your click on "Buy," the system will prompt you to confirm your payment in USDT for this purchase. To agree, click "Confirm."

Additionally, the metamask wallet sends a confirmation message upon spending. Continue clicking the "Confirm" button.

After a successful purchase of NFT, the system will send a confirmation message. To agree to the notice, click "Confirm."

Congratulations on your successful NFT purchase in-store. After purchase, NFT will be added to your inventory.

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