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Game main function A

Game main function B

The main function of the game is shown above

  1. The A-1 area of the main function is the role information, the main information includes (1) Role level:

  • Quick upgrade

Quick upgrade is the ultimate goal of every legendary player. How do players upgrade quickly? The following editor brings you an upgrade tutorial and some upgrade skills, hoping to help players.

(1) Level 1-20: Novice Village, follow the main task. I believe it should be no problem for the friends to reach level 10 easily;

(2) Level 20-45: The difficulty of the level in the game continues to increase, continue the main task to level 45;

Level 30 activates the jade pendant function and increases the character's blood volume;

Activate the shield function at level 40, increase character physical and magic defense;

(3) Level 45-50: Level 45 is open to demon missions, which can be upgraded through demon missions; demon missions are divided into stars. The higher the stars, the richer the rewards. It is recommended to take the highest-star missions and receive them 3 times after completion. Maximize revenue.

The 50-level open guard function can summon guards to assist in combat and improve efficiency;

(4) 50-75 level: continue the main task and complete the demon task at the same time;

The 60-level open wings function greatly improves the character's attack power, physical defense and magical defense;

The level 65 dragon heart equipment is open to improve the character's physical attack, magic attack, and Taoism attack;

The 70-level Spike equipment is opened, which greatly increases the character's crit and crit chances, and improves the efficiency of monster killing and pk;

Level 73 open BOOS challenge, challenge BOOS has a chance to get precious equipment, NFTs, Tokens;

(5) Level 75-90: The 75-level roast pig hole is open, you can gain a lot of experience, and you can challenge 3 times a day;

Level 75 open official position function, the prestige obtained by the slayer mission can be upgraded to official position and increase character attack;

Worship to the City Lord Activity: Open every day from 11:30-12:30, 17:30-18:30, which can increase experience;

Nationwide darts activity: open every day from 16: 00-16: 30, you can get experience;

Elite Pavilion activities: open every day from 17:00 to 17:30, you can get experience points;

Equipment recycling: The equipment dropped by monsters can be recycled by recycling NPCs in the main city to gain experience;

Breaking through the sky

Mining activity

Copy activity

Treasure hunting can get upgrade experience

The 90 level open rebirth function, rebirth can comprehensively improve attack, defense and life; after level 90, you can fully experience the game, and the level difference will not be very large. Players can comprehensively improve the character's combat effectiveness through the equipment system, wing system, official position system, etc. I wish you a happy game!

(2) VIP level

(3) Evaluation of combat effectiveness

(4) The character's attack mode [Peace|Team|Gang|All]

  • Peaceful mode, the attack will not cause other players to be injured

  • Team mode, attacking players in the team will not cause damage

  • In gang mode, attacking members of the same gang will not cause damage

  • All mode, attacking players will cause damage

(5) Recharge button, click it to open the recharge function.

2. The A-2 area of the main function is the task and team function

(1) The task function is mainly divided into [main line|branch line|experience|gold coin] tasks.

(2) Team function, which will be displayed in this area after teaming up with other players

3. Area A-3 of the main function is the chat function, double-click this area to open the chat function

(1) Comprehensive channel, including system messages and other channel messages.

(2) World channel, the content of world chat will be displayed on this channel

(3) The gang channel, the chat information in the gang is displayed on this channel

(4) Team channel, the chat information of team members is displayed on this channel

(5) Nearby channels, the propaganda messages of nearby players will be displayed on this channel

(6) Private chat channel, private chat with other players will be displayed on this channel

4. The A-4 area of the main function displays the current player's life, mana and player experience

5. The A-5 area of the main function displays the latest in-game limited-time activities, such as betting on darts, worshipping the city lord, etc.

6. The A-6 area of the main function displays the skills currently available to the player. When the number of skills is greater than 4, you can switch to the new skills by dragging.

7. The map information is displayed in area A-7 of the main function, click to open the mini map

(1) Synthesis, click and send directly to Mengzhong’s synthesis NPC

(2) Recycle, click and send directly to the NPC of Mengzhong's equipment recovery

(3) Transmit, click the transmit button to pop up the transmit function, click it to transmit to the specified map

(4) Random, after clicking it, it will consume random times and send it to the random coordinates of the current map

8. The A-8 area of the main function displays the Chuangtianguan button, click it to open the Chuangtianguan function

(1) Copy access conditions:

Players must be able to unlock the Chuangtianguan gameplay after the character level reaches level 85. To challenge the dungeon, you need to have a dungeon scroll. The later you need to have more scrolls, the scrolls can be purchased through the mall or dropped by monsters.

(2) Dungeon rewards:

After completing the dungeon, you can obtain a large number of guard experience pill and advanced pill, character experience gourd, bound gold coins and bound ingots and other props, which can not only increase the level of guards, but also provide gold coins, ingots and character experience.

(3) Dungeon play:

After entering the dungeon, players need to kill the monsters and BOOS in the dungeon within a certain period of time, and all the monsters and BOOS in the dungeon can be cleared before they can pass the dungeon. And if the player’s damage is insufficient, you can consider buying attack and crit potions to increase your second damage. To enter a more advanced dungeon, the character level needs to meet the corresponding requirements, and to successfully pass the dungeon, the player needs to reach a certain level of combat power, otherwise it will be more difficult to pass the level. Chuangtianguan is divided into 5 chapters, the more difficult it becomes, and the rewards are of course richer. The event of breaking through the sky requires comprehensive character abilities, with requirements for level and attack power, which is very challenging for players.

9. The guard function is displayed in the A-9 area of the main function. The guard is equivalent to the player's pet and will be automatically summoned after the player goes online.

(1) You can use the guard advanced pill to advance the guard, killing monsters can increase the guard experience, and automatically upgrade

As one of the core systems of the game, the guard system is the most important system for players to cultivate in the early stage. When the player reaches level 50, the guard system will be activated. The system will assign a guard to the player as a good assistant for the player to upgrade. In the early upgrade, the guards were able to independently defeat powerful monsters in the wild due to their high basic attribute values. This will be a shortcut for players to upgrade. They can use the power of their guards to challenge monsters that are higher than their own character level. After successfully defeating them, they will not only gain more experience and ingots, but also are very likely to explode rare equipment. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. It is recommended that players mainly train guards in the early stage. As the threshold for guard upgrade is very low, as long as you have enough ingots, you can upgrade guards. The guard will automatically advance every ten levels, and the guard will activate cooler appearances and activate special skills! Guard skills are another point that players need to pay attention to. Guard skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. Active skills are Moon Slash and Half Moon Slash. Passive skills increase the attributes of guards and characters. The higher the guard rank, the characters and guards attack. The higher it is; in the early stage, players can get a lot of ingots by doing tasks, killing monsters, participating in activities, and recycling equipment. It is recommended that all be used to train guards. This not only speeds up the average speed of killing monsters, but also ensures a faster upgrade route in the early stage.

10. The B-1 area of the main function displays the current player's life, mana and player experience

(1) Character function

  • The role function shows the equipment currently worn by the player.

  • Fashion function, showing the current players' fashion list

Fashion can be obtained by accumulating daily log-in game days or corresponding activities. Fashion can activate different display effects of characters and increase certain combat power; internal strength can reduce the damage of the character and reduce the damage of the monster to the character; the internal strength value is obtained by killing monsters, and the more monsters are killed The more, the more the internal force value will be obtained.

  • The internal power function, which displays the current players' internal power level.

  • The rebirth function, which displays the rebirth information of the current player.

Reincarnation system: To reincarnate, we must first raise our character level above 90. We can activate the reincarnation system once we have reached the character level. There are a total of 12 levels of reincarnation, and each level corresponds to a different type of reincarnation equipment. These reincarnation items have a more beautiful and cool appearance than ordinary equipment, and they can also provide more powerful attribute bonuses. Simultaneously, as our level of rebirth increases, we can gain more and more attribute bonuses. We can greatly improve the combat ability of the character by rebirth.

It's worth noting that in order to raise our rebirth level, we must consume a certain amount of reincarnation cultivation base. Different reincarnation levels require different reincarnation cultivation bases, and reincarnation cultivation bases can pass activities, gift packages, and Reincarnating pills obtained through shopping malls and other channels. Furthermore, experience and gold coins can be used to obtain cultivation bases, but the level will be reduced by one. When redeeming, players should keep in mind that the level should not be lower than 90.

After reincarnation, characters will be able to challenge the new reincarnation map and boss in order to obtain more powerful equipment and rare materials. Precious stones: Each piece of equipment can be inlaid with six gems of varying attributes, resulting in an increase in strength; high-level gems can be obtained through low-level synthesis. Attack gems—physical defense gems—magic defense gems—life gems—magic gems—magic gems; Gems can be obtained through the Guardian Goddess's daily activities. The total gem level is 15. The higher the level, the more attributes there are and the more powerful the role.

  • Gem function

(2) Backpack function, showing the props owned by the current player, silver coins, ingots, bound silver coins, and bound ingots. The backpack contains the items obtained by the character and the common currency in the game; the shop button can quickly buy medicines, return stones and random teleport stones; the sort button is to sort the backpack, sort the items according to the scarcity, and place them according to the order. Previously, the items were about precious. Common currencies include: gold coins, ingots, bound gold coins and bound ingots; ingots can be exchanged through recharge, and the exchange ratio is 1:100, that is, 1 yuan = 100 ingots; gold coins are purchased in the mall through ingots; bound gold coins and bound ingots are passed Recharge activities, daily activities, treasure hunts and other ways to obtain; the above several currencies correspond to different shopping malls, you can purchase different props to increase the character's combat power.

(3) Equipment function: equipment consists of four parts: forging, official position, synthesis, and exchange

  • Forging function

Forging: It is equipment enhancement, 10 pieces of equipment on the body can be strengthened to increase attributes, each piece of equipment can be enhanced up to +20, the higher the enhancement, the higher the attribute increase; equipment enhancement requires different ore and gold coins, strengthening 1-5 use Black iron ore, 6-10 bronze ore, 11-15 silver ore, 16-20 purple gold ore, the ores can be obtained through daily mining tasks; the later the enhancement is, the lower the success rate will be. You can use ingot to guarantee 100% Success rate.

Inheritance: The enhancement is the current equipment. If you get more advanced equipment, you can transfer the enhancement attributes of the current equipment to more advanced equipment through inheritance to ensure that the enhancement will not be wasted. Inheritance needs to consume gold coins, the higher the level of equipment, the more gold coins need to be consumed.

  • Official position function The official position function is open at level 75. The prestige obtained by the demon mission can be upgraded to increase the official position and increase the attack of the characters. You can also purchase the prestige value to increase the official position through ingots; after the official position is upgraded to a certain level, the corresponding official seal can be obtained. Obtaining the official seal requires honor, which can be passed Activities or purchases through gold coins.

1) Official position function, official rank upgrade can increase extra attack power

2) Official seal function, official seal upgrade can increase PK damage proportionally

  • Synthesis function: Equipment above level 70 can be obtained through synthesis. The synthesis here can only synthesize other equipment except weapons and clothes. Weapon clothes can be obtained through treasure hunting or BOOS; higherlevel equipment can be synthesized into god outfits, so you can get them every time you fight monsters. All of the equipment can be reserved to synthesize higher-level equipment.

1) Set synthesis function, every 15 pieces of equipment can be synthesized into a highlevel equipment

2) God equipment synthesis function, every three pieces of reincarnation equipment can be synthesized into a high-level equipment

  • Exchange function, get treasure points through treasure hunt, accumulated points can be exchanged for equipment. Players can get treasure hunting points through treasure hunting, one point for one treasure hunt, and 10 points for 10 times. Through points, you can redeem advanced equipment or auxiliary equipment enhancement materials and other props in the redemption mall to enhance your character's combat effectiveness.

1) Points exchange equipment function

2) In the treasure hunting function, consuming ingots to randomly obtain equipment.

(4) God furnace function: Shenlu is a forging function for four auxiliary pieces of equipment:

Level 30 activates the jade pendant function and increases the blood volume of the character.

At level 40, activate the shield function, which increases the character's physical and magical defense.

The level 65 dragon heart equipment is now available to enhance the character's physical attack, magic attack, and Taoism attack.

The 70-level Spike equipment is unlocked, greatly increasing the character's crit and crit chances and improving monster killing and pk efficiency. Players can increase the auxiliary equipment level corresponding to the fragments through daily activities or daily dungeons, shopping mall purchases, and other channels. The more attributes that are added, the higher the level of auxiliary equipment.

  • Jade, upgrade to increase life

  • Shield, upgrade to increase physical defense and magic defense.

  • Longheart, upgrade to increase physical attack, magic attack, road attack.

Spike, upgrade to increase critical strike power and critical strike rate

(5) Achievement function: The rewards for completing the achievement are divided into five categories: position increase, experience bonus, monster damage increase, daily recovery limit increase, and character damage reduction. As shown in the figure above, orange fonts represent tasks that must be completed; deep blue fonts represent tasks that must be completed; deep blue fonts represent deep blue fonts; deep blue fonts represent deep blue fonts; deep blue fonts represent deep blue fonts The rewards that can be obtained are indicated in yellow font. The warehouse grid expands by three grids, as shown in the figure above; after completing the task, click on the achievement activation to obtain the rewards. The consumption of bound gold coins is required for activation.

After you activate the achievement, you will be rewarded with achievement points. When you reach a certain level of achievement points, you will be awarded an achievement medal. The higher the achievement medal level, as shown in the figure above, the stronger the attack power.

  • Activate the achievement, and the achievement can unlock new game features

  • Achievement medals, upgrade medals through achievement points, medals increase extra attack power

(6) God Wing function, God Wing is upgraded through feathers, God Wing adds extra attributes, and has appearance. After reaching level 60, players can enter the Wing System function by clicking the God Wing button on the main function. The wings are divided into 12 levels, each with its own unique shape and powerful attribute bonuses. The greater the shape, the higher the level of the wings.

The attribute bonus for domineering is greater. Wings must be upgraded in order to consume feathers. Feathers can be obtained through daily activities, game packs, shopping malls, and other means. Upgrading wings has a good chance of success. If it fails, the system will continue to bestow blessings on the player.

The higher the level of upgrade for the wings, the higher the success rate.

(7) BOSS puzzle function

  • In the puzzle function, you will drop the boss puzzle when you kill the boss, and you can add extra attributes for each puzzle piece you get

  • In the soul refining function, BOSS puzzles can be recycled, and the points obtained by recycling can upgrade the refining soul and add additional attributes

(8) Other functions of the game:

  • Click on another player's avatar in the friend function to add that player as a friend or an enemy. The green font in the upper left corner of the game page toggles the role attack mode. Peace refers to peaceful coexistence and inability to kill other players; and the gang switches to team mode, which allows it to attack players outside the team, and the gang switches to gang mode, which allows it to attack other gangs. Players: Any player can PK for any other player. The vip button can view the VIP level and vip benefits, and you can switch to the role page by clicking on the character's avatar.

  • Others include: friends, team, gang, mail, consignment, ranking and setting functions;

Friends can add other characters in the game as friends; team up with other characters in the game to PK or kill BOOS together to improve monster spawning efficiency; gangs, players can form their own gangs or join a gang; consignment, players’ equipment Or precious materials can be obtained through consignment; the leaderboard is displayed according to the player's combat strength; the setting function can set different functions of the game according to the player's preference.

  • Gang function

1) When the player does not have a gang, you can view part of the gang list

2) When the player has a gang, related gang operations can be performed according to the gang's permissions

  • Mail function, you can carry props in the mail.

  • Consignment function

1) Purchase function

2) On the sale function, consignment goods are charged in silver coins according to time

  • Ranking function

  • Setting function

11. The B-2 area of the main function displays the current player’s life, mana and player experience

(1) Super value rewards, extra rewards based on accumulated recharge

(2) Shaking

(3) First charge

(4) Super member

(5) Investment plan

(6) Offline hang up

(7) Reward Hall

(8) Imperial City Battle

(9) Treasure Hunt

(10) World events: World events are events that all players can participate in. Different events will be opened at different times of the day, and the rewards of the events are also different. Increase the fun and playability of the game. Since the event is full-server participation, players with higher combat power will have an advantage and receive richer rewards. Players can use team or gang mode to increase their survival time in the event.

(11) Mall

(12) Merit: Merit is the daily merit value after completing the corresponding merit task every day. The merit value reaches 30, 60, 90, 120 and the four values will be corresponding to 10 treasure chest rewards. Open the treasure chest to obtain the dungeon scroll and guard experience. Pills, bound gold coins, bound ingots, reincarnation experience pill and other props rewards.

(13) Fighting BOSS: Fighting BOOS is divided into BOOS that can be killed by the character and BOOS in the wild. As long as the player's combat power reaches a certain level, they can challenge. The higher the BOOS level, the more difficult the challenge, and of course the higher the burst rate. Personal BOOS is the BOOS owned by the player alone. , Players can challenge themselves according to their own combat power without being affected by other players.

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