The game is divided into 3 professions and 6 characters.

[Heavy Health] The special feature is the use of Warrior, which is based on a strong physique. It is better suited to fighting BOSS and PK. Strong fighters have high survivability and serve as vanguards and meat shields in monster combat and PK. However, the warrior's armor is relatively weak against magic.

  • Male Warrior

  • Female Warrior

[Group Magic, Extremely Effective] Relying on long-term passive strength training, magicians can use powerful offensive spells. It can perform powerful offensive magic as a result of longterm internal strength training. Magical attack power is superior, but physical power is lacking. The ability to defend against direct physical attacks is limited. Furthermore, high-level magic takes a long time to perform, and during this time, the opponent may attack quickly. The magician's magic is more powerful than any attack ability and can effectively threaten the opponent.

  • Mage

  • Sorceress

[Strongest Support] Relying on mental strength, you can use healing techniques to help others. The ability to use poison is the strongest. You can use healing techniques to help others if you have strong mental power as a foundation. He has the strongest ability to use poison because he is familiar with nature. At the same time, Taoist priests have summoning abilities that allow them to summon divine beasts to aid them in battle. He is knowledgeable and skilled in swordsmanship and magic, allowing him to cast a wide range of spells at all times, and he is highly adaptable.

  • Male Taoist

  • Female Taoist

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