💲How to sell NFTs

You can sell NFTs that you no longer require by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Ancient Kingdom DApp and then select the NFT Space option.

When interacting with NFT in the inventory for the first time, authorization is required. To accept the Metamask command, click "Approve."

The system will send a message confirming the action. To proceed, click "Confirm."

Metamask sends a message of authorization. To agree, click "Confirm."

The DApp will send you a notification upon successful authorization. To accept this notice, click "Confirm."

Step 2: Once the authorization is complete, the system will redirect you to the NFT Space interface. Here, select the NFT that you wish to sell and click "Sell."

Indicate the price at which you wish to sell NFT.

And then click "Sell" to confirm your agreement to sell NFT at that price.

The system will refer to the order on Metamask; click "Confirm" to confirm your agreement to sell NFT.

Step 3: Once the NFT sale has been confirmed as complete, the DApp will send a notification about the sale's successful submission. To dismiss the message, click "Confirm."

The NFT will be available for purchase as soon as it is listed for sale, as well as on the NFT store. After a successful sale, the sold item will appear in the chest. When NFT is on sale, go to the selling folder in the chest and press "Off Shelf" to cancel the sale.

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