💥Ancient Kingdom Features

Ancient Kingdom = MMORPG + NFT + GAMEFI + P2E


Ancient Kingdom is considered an MMORPG, a story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players. When joining the Ancient Kingdom, players can choose their characters and designate a suitable style of combating that matches their real characteristics. Millions of other players partake in the exclusive gaming concept, together with entertaining themselves and even monetising at the same time. Ancient Kingdom is a real-to-life MMORPG that might make players swallow up entire days at a time.

Blockchain & GameFi

Blockchain innovation utilizing the BSC convention set up a generally serverless and got ongoing interaction experience. GameFi, in a brief, is the merging of gaming with the financial sector. In fact, it's the combination of video games and decentralized finance (DeFi), which is a big thing in the crypto/Web3 world. Gaming applications developed on decentralised networks enabled by blockchain enable this new breed of gamers to access a variety of alternative financing options, which are referred to collectively as GameFi. Including a combination of the following:

  • in-game currency rewards

  • staking

  • yield farming

  • NFT-based asset ownership

NFT and the Blockchain

Gaming Industry's Future With NFTs, Ancient Kingdom offers a realistic gaming experience. An NFT is a unique digital certificate of ownership that may be utilized for crypto transactions, turning in-game objects into tradeable liquid assets. Thus, the addition of NFTs in the game enables players to trade NFTs more realistically in the virtual world

Through its comprehensive features and environment, NFT empowers a variety of sectors. Blockchain technology enables the distributed ledger to be transparent, as it is composed of various nodes and untrusted data. The technology's safety and compatibility are ensured by this network consisting and the isolated environment.

Play to earn (P2E)

This approach enables other gamers or gaming enthusiasts to purchase and exchange game awards or items represented as tokens or NFTs on the open market. This massive change in a classic gaming paradigm has once again transformed the way the Ancient Kingdom is viewed and experienced, allowing consumers and game experts to sit at the same table as the game's creators and developers.

Reincarnation Ancient Kingdom grants the characters the ability to rebirth. In detail, it triggers the rebirth function at the 90th level (the highest level), which has the capacity to improve attack, defence, and life holistically. This essentially means that if players reach level 90, they can restart at level 0 while retaining their previous stage's powers and talents (90th level), allowing them to continue growing their characters indefinitely. Since then, players can anticipate earning more and doing so more effortlessly.

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