How to connect the wallet to the game character

Step 1: On the Ancient Kingdom Dapp homepage, click the menu symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.
To access the account connection window, select "Bound game" from this menu.
Step 2: Select the gaming server that corresponds to the server where you created the character, and then click "Bind." Then enter the character's name in the respective information sections below.
Step 3: Click the Bind button to connect the account.
The system will display a notification informing you of the action required to link the account. To confirm the action, click "Confirm."
The system will deliver a message indicating that the account has been successfully linked. Then, by choosing "Unbind," you can disable the connection.
Note: Before joining, players must create a gaming character to avoid connecting to the wrong character.
Step 4: Go to the game account and click “Metaverse”. Select "Binding" on the wallet tab to finish the wallet connection with your character.