🧩Purchasing NFT Chests: A Comprehensive Guide

The purchase of NFT Chests will be conveniently located on the Dapp Ancient Kingdom homepage for players to simply access and purchase. To obtain the game's premium NFT Chests, perform these steps:

Step 1: Connect the wallet to the Dapp Ancient Kingdom (if the wallet connection has not been made). Slid down the homepage interface to reveal the Open Box section. Here, you can select an opening period for the chest that corresponds to the sale's start time.

Step 2: Click "Open Box" on the NFT chest you wish to purchase.

When you first open the chest, you will be prompted to authorize and consent to the Dapp using USDT in your Metamask wallet. To conduct the command, click "Approve."

The system will send an email message to the user confirming this authorization. To accept the order being issued on Metamask, click "Confirm."

Metamask will respond with a notice requesting that you click "Confirm" to confirm your agreement.

The Dapp Ancient Kingdom will send a notification upon successful authorization. To confirm the message, click "Confirm."

​Step 3: If authorization is successful, the system will redirect you to the chest opening interface. To perform the action, click "Open Box" here.

You must agree to the USDT payout for opening this chest. To agree, click "Confirm."

Then Metamask will notify you of the USDT payment. To proceed, click "Confirm."

Congratulations on completing the purchase of the NFT chest and opening the NFT card. Click "Again" to reveal further chests.

Once opened, the NFT card will appear in your NFT Space.

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