🌎Acdom Introduction


Acdom Background Introduction

Acdom is inspired by the famous and widely loved game around the world, combined battle royale, survival RPG, and turn-based Strategy games where you become one of the myth warriors and battle each other to become the hero who will save the ancient kingdom. Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) integrates the leading NFT and DeFi technologies. By introducing a large number of ACGN Well-known IP and designers in the field, Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) makes full use of the “interoperability” advantage of blockchain technology and allows game figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world in the Acdom entertainment metaverse. Finally, a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology will be built.

Designers in the Acdom metaverse can use the ideal tools offered by Acdom to employ NFT and complete duties such as land and region control, player versus player battle, player versus environment objectives, and so on. The NFT in the digital realm can be a one-to-one correspondence with tangible items in reality when NFT + NFC/AR technology is combined. The Dome Entertainment metaverse's robust gaming ecology will also enable NFT holders to maximize their earnings.

NFT Yield Farming: A new DeFi Yield farming method using NFT collections, which can increase their value drastically.

GameFi Play to Earn: With the potential of NFT gaming cyberspace, Ancient Kingdom (ACDOM) is on a mission to combine blockchain and gaming in our original financial system, making a fun yet lucrative application for users.

BSC blockchain’s huge impact on how we digitally exchange has paved a way for a severless gaming platform. BSC is able to process 50,000 exchanges per second with speculated improvement as the company grows. With this impressive capability, it is possible to constantly keep track of the interactions between stocks and alleviate the need of a traditional powerful server host for online multiplayer games.

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